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About Gary Kemp

Professional photographer Gary Kemp of Gary Kemp Photography in Carrollton, Texas, enjoys capturing moments as they happen, no matter the time or place. As a child, he didn't like having his own picture taken. Nowadays, he loves using his photography of people and events to bring joy to others, as well as showing everyone the beautiful places he has traveled to.

How Our Business Started

Gary Kemp Photography began as a hobby for Gary himself in 2012. He started with a $300 camera that he had to save up for. Over time, his images starting gaining popularity, and individual people would approach him to take pictures for them professionally. He used the feedback he received during this time to perfect the outcome of his work. Gary was then hired to capture images for local companies. After a short time, and armed with a more expensive and professional camera, he was hired for his first paid event in 2013.

Gary's Inspiration

The inspiration for his work resides in the idea that anything can be beautiful. He frames shots and uses different angles to capture the best images possible. His goal is to have people experience enjoyment and happiness through his photography. For Gary, photography is a passion, and he brings his enthusiasm about the craft to every event or shoot that he's a part of.